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Golfer’s Elbow

Golfer’s elbow, also known as medial epicondylitis, is a condition that affects the tendons that attach to the bony part of your inner elbow. The muscles and tendons involved are responsible for bending your elbow and wrist, and also for gripping. Painful activities may include carrying groceries, lifting, throwing, gripping or even just bending the wrist and/or elbow. This condition is an overuse injury (i.e., repetitive lifting, throwing, swinging sports etc) meaning an increase in the load on the tendon which causes the tendon to become inflamed. Many people will find their symptoms persisting for months or years if not managed and treated correctly.

Signs and symptoms to look out for include:

  • pain on, below or above the bony aspect of your inner elbow
  • redness and swelling on the bony aspect of your inner elbow
  • symptoms may radiate down your forearm
  • pain with lifting objects especially with your palms facing up
  • pain/weakness with throwing or gripping (e.g. handshake)

An accurate diagnosis is crucial in the selection of the best treatment for Golfer’s elbow. Your physiotherapist will be able to accurately assess and differentiate the source of your elbow pain. Once your physiotherapist has established the source of your pain, they will discuss the best management of your condition and a plan to return you to your daily activities pain-free.

Part of your physiotherapy management may include some hands-on manual therapy, Shockwave therapy for chronic golfers elbow, stretches and exercises with weights/resistance. Loading the tendon and strengthening the muscles will help relieve the pain, increase the ability of the tendon to cope with load and prevent further recurrences. It is also important to address any biomechanical issues that could also contribute to causing the condition.

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